Proper tacky

That’s what I thought when I heard the concept of glitter boots. How 70s trashy do they sound? Well, in principle, not quite so if you get these ones from New Look (I got them at half price). The problem that I encounter with my pairs of occasion/going out shoes is that I can’t really wear heels. I have the pair I wore to my prom around 8 years ago. Good old Clarks. Super boring but comes up with some of the best made shoes in the world. With a low heel and a pretty bow, it shows no sign of failing me and I am happy to keep those as the only pair of heels I have. However, for when I want to wear nice shoes without sacrificing my comfort (pretty much all the time), ENTER STAGE LEFT, THESE BEAUTIES. They look scary with the glitter and pointed toe but they are really not. These will go with jeans and dresses and can be worn during the day as well. Fabulous.



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