The white shirt

Everyone’s got a white shirt. Apparently. It’s a must have item for the capsule wardrobe. Except that lots of people have no use for a white shirt, like myself. In the last swap I went to, I picked up a super frilly white shirt. No reason why. It’s not my style at all and yet I felt drawn to its ugliness. Just in case I need a Japanese Lolita/Kodona costume or need to dress as a butler or dandy for a play or fancy dress party. It’s hanging patiently there for a day when I get bored of what I’ve got and decide on something out of character. Being a white shirt, it goes with everything surely? Lets see:

Obviously something preppy is in order. Paired with a Clueless style woollen skirt and the look is complete.


With a pair of brown check trousers for more of a dandy vibe. Or wear it to the office if you dare.


Edwardian style on top of a long dress, perhaps to disguise a low neckline.


Worn with a bright colour, here is a pencil skirt look that looks so prim and proper.


Can’t go wrong with jeans. Even the most scuffed up, casual pair of jeans will look more polished with this explosion of frills.




2 thoughts on “The white shirt

  1. I love the concept of this – very inspiring! (Funny thing is, for the longest time, I didn’t own a white button down and always had to borrow from other people when I had presentations or interviews. But thankfully I got one via consignment this past summer.)


    1. I’m so not attracted to white shirts. they remind me of school uniform and waitressing uniform, both of which I’ve spent numerous years being in. I just don’t get them. I’d rather have something like a pale blue/yellow striped/checked shirt or a chiffon/silk burnt orange one instead. I know I’d wear it more than a plain white thing


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