Kimono time

You didn’t think I was going to give up my obsession with kimonos any time soon did you? I told myself no more for another year at least but at Hyper Japan I came across a rack that I couldn’t resist. The one for me was waiting right at the back, the only turquoise creation, I couldn’t let it escape. I know this is not considered an essential or part of a capsule wardrobe or just even be considered everyday wear but dammit, sometimes you just need a statement piece to look at. It’s one of those things so many people shy away from because it’s too in-your-face but I disagree, I think anyone can wear it if the rest of the outfit is well thought out. It plays to my love for bright colours and with such a statement piece, I can actually wear it with all the monochrome I have. I’m sure I’ve got a combination for everyone to like:


I like mixing up patterns so stripy trousers is a win and combined with this plain white tank top, this isn’t too garish a look.


The fail safe, plain black or grey. This kimono works particularly well with a sleek utility jumpsuit.


Layer it on top of a shift dress and/or with tights. This could work as an evening outfit in hot weather.


You knew I’m going to get out this skirt again but it’s just a stunner. Sequins and herons do mesh well together, I can prove it with this sparkly pencil skirt.


A full skirted dress works well if you belt the kimono. It’s all about emphasising that tiny waist. The plan is to look retro without it being too dated.


And onto some colour. I know this is a colour combination that works for me (I don’t care that I resemble the Swedish flag) so play around with different bright shades to wear Spring for a day.

So you think you can’t wear a bright coloured silky kimono? Think again.


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