NYE outfit

Ok so I’m not wearing one. For your information I won’t be naked but this year I’ll be in comfy clothes sitting at home doing whatever because I’m recovering from foot surgery. Here are some suggestions for what you could wear, all of which will double up as a Christmas party outfit too:

  • I’m not one for a black dress. I did own something that could be called a little black dress once but I outgrew that and never replaced it because I find plain/block black and grey dresses boring. But I did get this leatherette split hem maxi dress in a swap and while it’s not my usual thing, it’s always good to have some different items in your wardrobe so you don’t get stuck with the same look all the time. Wear it with a statement coverup you don’t need to take off inside so that becomes your statement piece. The obvious answer would be a sequinned jacket but I don’t have one so I’d go for the next best statement, a Japanese kimono jacket. I picked up this turquoise heron beauty at Hyper Japan recently and think it lends an old fashioned glamour to the otherwise plain dress. Dig out your most outrageous or vintage coverup that you only got because it was so pretty and show it off to the party.


  • Something sparkly is always a winner. I prefer separates so you can mix and match and not get bored of them so easily. I’ve shown these pieces here and here.
  • A garment with an usual feature. This is my fanciest dress and needs no added embellishment in any way. Part of it is to do with the sparkle and part of it is to do with the slashed sleeves which is something I haven’t seen often but I think looks great on a party dress. I saw this beautiful grey chiffon slashed sleeved maxi dress somewhere recently that convinced me it was appropriate to wear for a wedding.


  • If simple is more your thing, go for sheer black sleeves. This is the one black item that I adore and think you can never go wrong with.



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