Christmas jumper

I don’t celebrate Christmas and thankfully I’m spared the ugly Christmas jumper every year but in the last swap I came across an ugly top and considered it for a minute. In my experience, picking up something means that I have half a mind to get it, no matter how ugly. I usually try on these things because then it might surprise me in how good it can look which happens more than you might think. I hemmed about it for a bit, discarded it and grabbed it back in the last minute. I did wonder what I could wear with this gold and red sparkly jumper top but as I try on everything when I get back and mix and match it with whatever I have, I came across a few ways to wear it and I may just have my own Christmas ugly to wear for the next few years:

With jeans. Simplest way. If you work in a casual dress environment, this should be acceptable to wear for work on the last day before the Christmas holidays.


Match the colours top and bottom. Or try it with a pencil skirt. Either way, this outfit shows how good it can look.


Try wearing it to a Christmas party on top of a long black dress. This particular one is leatherette and slinky with a split at the back and the boat neck and narrow waist of the top works well with the sleek cut of the dress.



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