2015 overhaul

My style has changed a lot in the last few years. It’s settling down to specific garments but even now I surprise myself when I develop obsessions for styles that usually end up staying in my wardrobe. This year I’ve widened my horizons to materials like beads, sequins, tulle and discovered kimonos, patterned trousers and woollen skirts:

  • Patterned trousers. How did I ever live without them? I used to think they made me look like Andy Pandy, now all of the ones I’ve made are printed and they are all the trousers I wear. They just make so much sense in brightening up an outfit.
  • Pattern mixing. Following that thread, I never used to do so and now I’ll happily wear 3 patterns in an outfit. As long as the colours correspond then I’m good with it.
  • The colour blue. I’ve never liked blue, preferring the warmer colours but my passion for turquoise has gone overboard this year and shows no sign of abating. Now most of my brightly coloured trousers are turquoise or pale blue. Mixed with another colour (particularly yellow) and I’ve become a fan.
  • Short woollen skirts. Blame Clueless, I watched it halfway through the year and convinced myself that one of these needed to be in my wardrobe. Found a black and white checked one by accident in TKMaxx. It goes with everything and was the item I packed for a trip to Bath in October that proved to be useful for travelling and every day wear. I could have worn it every day for a week with different tops, jumpers and tights and it worked with everything. All of a sudden it’s a staple skirt.
  • Kimonos. How was my life complete without these? I now have so many of these, too many to hang in the wardrobe. They are just the best kind of coverup.
  • Sequins. I never owned so many blingy clothes before. All of a sudden I’ve discovered so many sparkly things.
  • Hem split skirts and double layer skirts. They are fantastic showing off the most flattering part of your legs without needing to bare them.
  • Separates. I’ve mainly lived in dresses for the past few years but now I’ve cleared out over half of them and focused on skirts and trousers instead. And so far I love it, it makes my dresses seem less boring if I wear them less often.

2 thoughts on “2015 overhaul

    1. Hi Tyler, I checked out the site and thank you for the offer but it’s not for me. I really like this idea of the fashion boutique but I’m a thrifter rather than buying exclusively on the high street so setting up an account on the site doesn’t work with the method I acquire clothes as I can’t trace most of my garments back to a shop


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