Overdosing on the prints

I’ve been making a tonne of patterned trousers over the past few weeks. I see a pattern and colour in cotton that I like, I’ll want to buy it and make trousers. Although I love floral dresses, earlier this year I banished over half of the amount of dresses in my wardrobe and made room for other kinds of garments instead. While my fondness for a floral dress has not abated, I’m discovering new ways to wear florals and it doesn’t just have to be on a dress. As posted before, I love a daisy print and have successfully made a pair of trousers featuring them and having acquired more flower fabrics, have proceeded to make a few more.


My favourite is the turquoise check and daisy puff pattern on the left. As soon as I saw this online I had to have it and knew they would make the perfect pair of trousers. I got the same in orangey yellow to make a dress out of. I made a few checked pairs and of course another polka dot pair because I like wearing trousers that look like I belong in a little house in the countryside.


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