Trouser crazy

Now that I know how to make trousers, I’m sewing them constantly. I’ve barely worn jeans for nearly a year and don’t fit into most of them any more. There will always be crooked seams and thready bits but I’m very happy to have learned such a useful skill. I’ve been hunting down all sorts of patterns to make my new additions. Here is what I’ve made recently:


I’m a sucker for daisy print and might have ordered more daisy print materials in various colours today…Anyway, this one I was particularly keen on getting and I finished it today. Please ignore the crooked waistband.


Despite gingham reminding me of primary school summer dresses, I find black and grey pattern to go with everything and isn’t as cutesy as the other colours. This was the pair I wanted to make for ages and although the zip isn’t entirely flush with the leg, I’m still happy to have made it.



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