A well bred girl…

“A well-bred girl,” continued Miss Marple, warming to her subject, “is always very particular to wear the right clothes for the right occasion. I mean, however hot the day was, a well-bred girl would never turn up at a point-to-point in a silk flowered frock. To put it bluntly Ruby was not a lady. She belonged to the class that wear their best clothes, however unsuitable to the occasion.’

Most people keep their fancy attire for an occasion. It is the well bred thing to do after all. Not me. I love dressing up for any occasion, if I could get away with going to Starbucks in a ball gown, I would. One day I might give that a try. Of course I wouldn’t go hiking in one (I have my limits). I do think that some things that people think should be kept for more special occasions like graduations, weddings and birthday parties could be worn more often. A few years ago I remember peeking into a classmates wardrobe and seeing these pretty frivolous things that fascinated me. At the time I had none of that but my interest was piqued at the prettiness of it all. And for someone I’d only seen in jeans and the occasional 50s style midi skirt, she rarely wore those elegant dressy clothes, preferring to take the easy route because it felt like too much to bother with and she’d stand out too much. If I had what she had, I would have been having fun dressing up for university.

Bearing in mind I have a very limited range of items to choose from and one piece has already been documented here, this is my guide to thumbing my nose at Miss Marple and wearing a fancy frock in the daytime:


Those strapless party dresses can be worn with a shirt on top, making it more work friendly.


A lace bodiced sheer skirt dress not your usual? Wear a cosy knit on top to keep warm and show off the skirt, featuring the bottom half without feeling like you’ve stepped out of Disney Land.


You can wear a long leatherette dress during the day, but with a soft flannel shirt, it looks more acceptable to wear in daylight.


One thought on “A well bred girl…

  1. I love Miss Marple. 🙂 I am not sure I always quite agree with her, though. Her thinking can be a little old fashioned at times. 🙂

    I think wearing outfits that are not quite expected or required for the occasion can be well worth doing. After all, life is short, and all the outfits deserve their moments in the spotlight..

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