And barely a scrap to use

I got this beautiful retro dress in a swap last year. Unfortunately it got tiny pretty fast and this year I found that I couldn’t fit into it. I  started altering it and forgot to take a picture of the full dress but it was a Hepburn style bodice. I tried to make it into a skirt but it failed as the skirt was still too small, not enough fabric. In despair I cut the lining and tried to fit the sheer floral fabric to a shorter skirt for that double layer skirt that I love so much but it just looked wrong. I proceeded to fling the stuff over my shoulders while I thought. And then the answer came in the mirror. A loose kimono it would be.


I sewed armholes and added lace onto the frayed waistband, now to be the neckline.


Finished in 20 minutes. Bring on Summer!



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