I made it myself

Recently I’ve been taking sewing courses at Sewoverit to make simple items; cushion covers and tote bags. I’ve progressed onto making actual clothes but I found them very difficult and hope to practise more. Here are the garments that I made over the weekend:


This circle skirt caused me a lot of problems and I eventually finished it,The waistband is a bit hacked up overall it’s not bad for a first try.


I chose a print I love in colours I normally avoid, brown and beige hearts, it;s quite a Japanese Lolita style. I think it worked.


The next thing I made was this shift dress. I dislike shift dresses because it’s waistless and I usually make a point of emphasising just that but it was the right standard for a beginner so I made a light Summer shift in pale blue polka dots, very classically retro. It’s a little less impressive round the armholes but it’s not bad for a first attempt. I also found it quite a challenge but I’m happy with my new items and hope to make more soon.


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