Today’s my birthday! I got treated to some retail therapy and ended up a most unlikely place, Zara. I just never go there. It seems really polished which I never seem to be, no matter how hard I try. My hair is usually a mess and my shoes are never sexy. But I was propelled into there and actually found something I love. Split hems? Check. Hint of sparkle? Check. I got this lovely dress with a built in necklace which needs something underneath due to the mullet hem but by experimenting what could go underneath, I hit upon some ideas:


Keeping it causal with gingham trousers. Suitable for during the day methinks.


Even more causal with knee length jeans, showing off the lower leg which is always the most flattering on me.


This skirt I got recently (From Dorothy Perkins) was one I picked up and put down again, only to grab it and try it on later. It’s sequinny, pencil skirtish (not usually my thing) and has that double layer skirt I’m so fond of. The dress hides the top part of the skirt that looks the worst on me and skims over my hips. The contrast of tight and flowy is wonderful. Can’t wait to go out in it. I also need more of these, more!


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