Beaded fancy

In my experience, beaded items tend to be a love/hate thing with most people. There are some who shudder at the granny chic and some that will scoop up every clinky gaudy piece they can find. I used to be of the former and I very much doubt I’ll morph into the latter. However, I got this skirt in a recent swap and having taken it just to make up the amount of items, I didn’t really look at it until I got home. It looked vintage, along the 1920s style but when I checked the details, it’s actually a Made In China polyester affair which is disheartening. Nevertheless, it sits just above the knee (so not exactly true to vintage as contrary to popular opinion, hems were below the knee back then) but it’s a nice Gatsby-eqsue piece that can be mixed and matched with a variety of tops. I would wear this during the day or for an evening out:

With a printed shirt. This cute black and white shirt (from Yesstyle) is a nice preppy alternative to a basic top and keeps the black and white palette clean and clear.


Or maybe a more rumpled shirt worn over the top for a less prim look? This swapped mint green sequinned collar shows that you can mix beads and sequins during the day time.


Mixing it up with colour is another option.



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