Ballerina for a day

I’m not above dressing like a ballerina on the odd day. Recently I got hold of a tulle skirt (from Yesstyle) and am determined to find a use for it. I’ve been looking at them for ages but I know it’s difficult to style without looking like I’ve escaped from Miss Elaine’s School For Failed Ballerinas. Because I’m such a hobbit, I need heels with this skirt unless I want to drown in a net of chiffon. Here are some ways to wear such a puffy girly skirt:

The obvious choice, on a sophisticated night out. Yes to the theatre, yes to the restaurant. A black sheer long sleeve top is perfect to pair with the fluffyness of the skirt, makes it sleeker.


A t-shirt can be worn with this skirt, perhaps an outfit for a day out?


For a colder day, pair with a preppy cropped jumper. Go crazy with colours and if you are brave enough to show off your midriff, why not?





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