Statement jackets

Not sure how I survived without statement jackets all this time. Probably because I only viewed them as practical smart things. This year I found a load of coloured and patterned jackets and have replaced most of my black ones with these. I think 3 black jackets are more than enough, now I’ve found more exciting options.


The green Chinese jacket is one of my oldest garments and one I wear least often because it works well with neutrals and everyone knows I haven’t got much time for that. But at the time (at university), spending £30 on a market stall at Spitalfields market for a silky satin embroidered velvet thing was such a treasure. I’m intending to colour clash an outfit with it soon.

The drapey baby blue patterned one and the yellow one are lovely warm jackets from Dorothy Perkins and just the thing to brighten up Autumn and Winter weather.

The tweed and leather one I got in a swap and it’s entirely not my style. But sometimes you need something to change it up and I can’t deny that it’s useful.

The sturdy red jacket is one of my most useful items and the first garment I got in a swap online all those years ago so I’m very fond of it.


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