What to wear for the theatre

I take every opportunity to dress up, even to go out for coffee with friends. Unless it’s in the depths of Winter or I am genuinely feeling crap, I get dolled up. With all of my wonderful clothes, why not? Sometimes I even wear heels/platforms for that short journey. Last week I booked last minute tickets to a concert and a dress I had bought a few months ago could finally be worn. When I go to the theatre, I MUST BE OVERDRESSED. Or at least fancy dressed. I don’t understand it when people wear something too casual for theatre. If the place has fancy velvet curtains and a privilege box and they charge you too much for ice cream and bottled water FOR GOODNESS SAKES SMARTEN YOURSELF UP, GIRL. If you’re going to wear jeans, make sure they are smart, not raggedy frayed awfulness. Here is what I wore for the concert (1st outfit) and here are some alternatives to consider next time you’re stuck for ideas or spoilt for choice:

The easiest thing is to throw on a dress. Lace sleeves is always a winner, it instantly makes a plain dress, top or jumpsuit/playsuit look fancy.


Ditto sheer. This top is sleeveless but has a sheer back and neckline which makes it great to wear with any separate. For trousers sakes, I’m including a dark wash high waisted pair of jeans (Krisp) which are very flexible and comfortable to wear sitting for long periods of time and look great paired with anything.


I don’t say this often but hello statement necklace (Michal Negrin). Especially if you insist on wearing all monochrome, give it some colour or sparkle with a big necklace so everyone can notice you.



A 50s style dress with a blazer or soft jacket. Obviously not too big otherwise you can’t fit in the seat and everyone will be tripping over it but a just below knee length flare makes the outfit look high maintenance without it actually being so.



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