The curse of the one size

While on holiday I fell for this chiffon double skirt dress. It’s yellow and a maxi length that fits me. Two things that tick my boxes. But there was a problem. Why does one size even exist?! I could fit into it but I couldn’t  zip it up all the way. Common sense tells me to let it go and I get rid of everything that doesn’t fit me but I made this the exception. So to alter it, my intent was to fold down the sides that usually zip up and maybe make a feature of it. It also got dyed in the wash and I frantically applied Vanish to it. The middle couldn’t be saved but then was planning to cover it with a length of lace as well as eliminating that truly awful cut out with some more lace. Here is how it turned out:




Scavenged in the haberdashery shop on my high street and came out with this rose gold lace. I really liked it, however when I sewed it against the yellow, it turned into a more shell pink.


Pinning and and stuff. Hand sewed everything together.



So this is the end result. The zip is gone and the back is lined with lace but doesn’t do up (which means I have to wear a camisole underneath anyway as I’m not a backstuff person but the discoloured waist has been disguised and the unflattering cut out has been filled.


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