Black is the colour

This Summer, black has been trending everywhere as the anti-white or something. Personally I feel like white is too Western bridal and I shouldn’t be wearing full on white anywhere but as a top. Also, ketchup stains. Very important point. So Fashion and Frappes asked me how I should style black in the warm weather and my answer was cotton, chiffon and plenty of red lipstick. The more neutral the outfit is, the more I need to splash the lipstick around like a crayon. Anyway, my Summer double skirted chiffon skirted dress has now gone the way of generous giving to my cousin so very stupidly, I have none left any more and can’t feature it on the blog. Boo hiss to me. However, I still have a few things to show off so here they are:


(Top left) How many times can I trot out this 80s kimono? NOT ENOUGH TIMES. As you can tell, I’m in love with it. It’s oversized without being too baggy and it is the most perfect loose cover up for the hottest sun. Cover those shoulders, you don’t want to accessorise with sunburn.

(Far right) I did find another chiffon garment, the other cover up, all sheer and sophisticated. Does the same job but it is a lot more fitted and even lighter so it is perfect for those balmy evenings.

(Middle) Black trousers. Sometimes there is no other easy thing to wear but black trousers. But update it with patterns. This beauty (from Dorothy Perkins) are swirly floralled and go with pretty much anything. Also great for people who are allergic to sun on their legs.

(Bottom left) The ubiquitous maxi dress. But instead of it being a plain black floaty thing, try a patterned slightly more fitted style, with a structured bodice and a straighter skirt. It can be worn from day to night and will still swish around your legs like a swishy thing.


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