Airport outfits

Trying to sort out an outfit to wear for airport journeys is such a hassle if you want to look vaguely presentable. I know wearing pyjamas or a tracksuit is easier but I don’t want to look easy, I want to look fully dressed. Comfort is always first priority but there’s no reason to be slobby.

What I wore to go to Amsterdam in April was a light denim jumpsuit (also useful for wearing to the Efteling theme park) bought last minute from a seller on Vinted.


What I was going to wear on my flight to Tel Aviv in August was a similar thing, a sleeveless, three quarter length light jumpsuit with a kimono. Sounds simple enough. Except that it tore in three places when I put it on. Luckily I’d gotten up early enough in time to throw open my suitcase and scramble for another outfit and then pack everything back again. This is what I came up with in a few minutes and it’s one of my more inspired outfits, only because it is the opposite of what I like to wear. I never thought I would willingly wear a shapeless shift dress and three quarter length leggings but it worked. Comfy but properly dressed for travel. I still can’t believe I even own these items (pretty sure I grabbed that dress from the last swap because I liked the colour and print), The leggings saved the day as it turned out that the dress rode up an indecent amount when sitting. No doubt I’ll resurrect this style again, if only to avoid the dreaded tracksuit (which I thankfully don’t own).



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