Beach outfit

Having not been on a beach holiday for a number of years, this Summer I found myself bewilderingly shopping for swimming costumes, flip flops, floppy hats and shorts and the like, stuff I never wear. But I’m determined to start being serious about protecting my face and although I hate hats and rarely find one that fits my tiny head, the hunt for the floppy hat was on. I found one in Peacock as well as a top up of swimwear (scary thy name is bikini) and with my new things that will only come out for a month each year, if that, I was armed for the hot Israeli summer. And I mean humid and scorching. This is a beach outfit I devised while travelling to and from the beach.


I wore an ancient one piece but a bikini will work just as well. Layer shorts/light trousers/skirt over the top and add the kimono. Next comes the hat and sandals and you have the perfect outfit that will double up for travel and the beach.


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