Fan me, darling

People are so used to air con nowadays that even in hot climates, I find a lot of people who panic without it. They should be used to finding ways to keep cool, no? Anyway, call me Madame Pompadour but I learned a while ago that fans are your best friend in the heat. It may feel annoying flapping around like you’ve got a spare wing but it actually works best. No silly electric fans for me, a real one is much stronger and induces envy in the eyes of the other poor saps sitting on the bus or train in this heat. This summer more than ever I have been using the humble hand fan. I knew there was a reason I hoarded them all over the years. Other people collected marbles and game cards, I collected fans. Some of them are so tatty and broken that they can’t  be used any more. But my most precious and oldest busted up fan is something I just can’t get rid of so I use it for display and use all of the other ones that I can. This summer it’s all about the paper fan. Will you be Madame Pompadour with me?



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