Ode to tichiness

I’m 5ft tiny. As long as I’ve been an adult, I’ve flirted unsuccessfully with high heels. The money I spent on those was extortionate, only for me to swap them with something else later or give them away. My inability to walk in heels/wedges or keep them on for more than 20 minutes is down to my lack of balance, bunions and weak ankles. No delicate pretty shoes for the prom for me. I had to wear office shoes. Opportunities to sashay around like a leggy thing are few and far between. A couple of years ago I cleared out all of those unsuitable shoes and left only the ones that I wore more than twice. While there wasn’t more than a pile of about 5, it was enough.  An encounter with a fashion savvy friend led to the possibility of some height in a more foot friendly way. Platform shoes. I’m a convert. Providing support for my poor feet and ankles, I can clomp around the whole day in these things and can wear long hems without looking like a hobbit. I don’t seem to be built for elegant prancing, more like stompy walking and this form of footwear is my height of choice. Here is a selection of outfits I wear with my pairs of platforms:

I love repro vintage dresses but they are built for average heighted to tall people so I feel like I’ve always got to wear heels with them or I’ll be drowned in voluminous skirts. These boots (New Look) makes these dresses more contemporary without looking too costumey.


These school girl shoes (bought off a Vinted seller) make this sweet little dress look like a school uniform I’d actually want to wear.


These boots (bought off a Vinted seller) gives a Harajuku vibe to this otherwise demure dress (Yesstyle).



2 thoughts on “Ode to tichiness

  1. I’m teeny too and also had far too many silly shoes! I can walk in them but as I get older I just can’t be bothered for the hassle of it. I got rid of a lot and only kept wearable ones and really pretty pairs I display on my bookshelf as decoration 🙂

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