Dress over trousers

If you were a 90s kid like me, you’ll remember the much parodied dress over trousers look. This is a relatively new concept in Western fashion but in the East, the salvar khameez (Pakistan and India) and the ao dai (Vietnam) are common traditional outfits. Last week I wore a version of it without realising. There are many dresses that are at an awkward length, either too long for a top or too short for a dress. This dress I got in a swap recently looked terrible on its own so I used it as a top with my new pair of loose trousers (from Select). The trick to not looking naff is for the dress to have a split hem so it flows and flutters in the breeze, looking effortless and cool in the heat. These trousers are elasticated and don’t always look good with a top tucked in so this was ideal. A happy accident indeed.



One thought on “Dress over trousers

  1. I rarely wear the traditional shalwar kameez but I do find myself veering towards western clothes that are a variation of it, especially in summer. There is something effortless about the look that I love. Love the idea of a swap too 🙂


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