A friend of mine coined this term for an style which involves both typically masculine and feminine pieces. Androgynous means different things to different people but being an admirer of the Garbo/Dietrich gender bending, I turn towards the hyper gendered clothing and create a fusion, rather than the shapeless swathes of material that some people wear to conceal their figure. That most probably is what androgynous means but seeing people slouching around in top to toe formless garments is not something I care for so this is my own retro spin on the chapette style, reminiscent of the 1950s Teddy Girl trend.

I took these items and created…


An outfit that will take me from day to evening


The delicate lace sheer blouse (swapped) is a great update on the traditional stiff shirt, the suspender trousers (Miss Patina) are very boyish and the fashion turban (Beyond Retro) tops it off well. Just a slick of burgundy lipstick with ankle boots and I’m set.


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