My capsule essentials

In my previous posts, I outlined why I didn’t like the conventional capsule wardrobe, how the concept has actually helped me and what I pared down in favour of clarity. What I can justify having many of are things I wear all the time. My essentials:

  • For the last couple of summers, all I heard about was kimono this and kimono that. I stumbled upon it by accident after everyone else as is my way of things. I generally can’t stand festival fashion. However, I picked one up from a vintage market in Rotterdam earlier this year and somehow, I decided after some umming and ahhing that far from being ugly as I first thought, it was actually quite nice and would go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. There lies the source of my current and (I’m pretty sure) everlasting love affairs with these things. I’ve got a few now and hope to expand my collection. Shove over, cardigans, it’s all about the kimonos now.
  • This year I picked up so many white sleeveless tops from the swaps that I’ve decided that if you can’t beat them, join them. I’ve derided grey tops for a long time just for the sheer boringness of them and white tops because anything white automatically puts it in the firing line of impending stain relating doom. White does not do well on me and I own very little of it. It’s pretty high maintenance but since I’ve remembered that tops have to be washed after 1 wear anyway, I can wear all the white tops I want as they’re just going to get washed anyway. My trick is to wear ones with embroidery or nice buttons or got some sort of a decoration so I won’t feel a bit blah wearing something so basic. They can be tucked into glorious high waistedness or left loose.
  • As mentioned, high waisted jeans. Preferably with lots of buttons. Annoying to get on and off but once corseted in, well worth the visual effort. I own several pairs of the same 5 button ones (from Krisp) because they are just amazing jeans. There is no one who doesn’t look good in high waisted jeans.
  • Coloured and patterned tights. How better to brighten up a black or grey dress than this? Most other people I know just wear them as a means to keep warm but for me, practical but pretty is the key. It completes the outfit without a need for extra accessories. I don’t believe that I own a single pair of plain black tights. For block coloured, my preference lies towards red, white and plum purple (woolly and nylon). For patterns I like pretty much anything; stripes, hearts, seamed, dotted etc. I rarely wear nude tights but when I do, it’s always tattoo tights; seamed, dotted or a themed tattoo pattern. My tights drawer is overflowing, stuffed to the gills with hosiery of all sorts to sort all of my hemline needs.
  • My favourite colours have to be mentioned. Namely red and yellow. Bright red and burgundy are usually my first choice while sunflower and pale yellow are my other much loved options. I’m also partial to mint and emerald green, plum purple and turquoise blue. My insane love for yellow is mentioned here.
  • As referenced previously, high heels are my nemesis. A fashion forward friend of mine introduced me to platform boots a couple of years ago and now I’m hooked. Finally a heel I can wear! I’ll write a bit more about that another time.



6 thoughts on “My capsule essentials

    1. At the moment I’m having a little trouble with my camera so when it works, I’ll probably update this post with pics or I will include all of these elements in other posts. I already have a post planned on the platforms and no doubt you’ll be seeing all of the others on here soon

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