The capsule wardrobe

People who know me, know how much I dislike the average capsule wardrobe of 35 plain items all presented carefully on a rack. I get the concept of having mostly essentials that will last for years and is suitable for all occasions. I like the concept, it’s sensible and useful, as I’ve discovered recently. What I don’t like is the severely boring neutral palette and lack of pattern in the model capsules that are always bandied around the net. It’s straight up dull for me (neutral devotees, you might want to stop reading here). I like my clothes vibrantly peeking out from the wardrobe, jostling for space and assaulting my eyes with colour and pattern, daring me to combine different items and inspiring me to invent outfits out of nowhere.

Items that are always brought up as essentials in your wardrobe but don’t appeal to me:

  • Denim jacket. Haven’t had one since I was about 14. Don’t need it.
  • Leather jacket. Personal hate for leather clothes. Something else I have no need for.
  • Denim shorts. You don’t want to see me in a pair, very unflattering and uncomfortable. Do not like.
  • Watches and sunglasses. Just don’t need them, I wear transition prescription lenses and I use my phone for the time.
  • Over the knee boots. I’d be swamped in those. Do not need.
  • A crisp white shirt. Not everyone works in an office and to me, a white shirt is reminiscent of my waitressing days. No thanks.
  • Little black dress. Now I did have one but I rarely wore it. It now doesn’t fit me so I’ve swapped it. Guess I don’t really need one.

As you can see, I’m very picky about clothes. But it makes my wardrobe much simpler when I know these things don’t look good on me and I don’t feel the need to own them. Next post will be about how the capsule wardrobe does work for me.



One thought on “The capsule wardrobe

  1. nice to see a post from another perspective! there is certainly a lot of emphasis this last year on the simpler side of the capsule! Which I think came primarily from the monochrome trend but I certainly see no reason why it shouldn’t be a riot of colour! Look forward to hearing your other thoughts! Jess xo


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