Amelie outfit

I love the film Amelie. I truly don’t care that it is so cliché, I love it. I used to cut my hair in that style for a few years, that’s how much I love the character. Occasionally I like to dress like her. Here is my guide to wearing an Amelie inspired outfit:

A midi length red dress/skirt. This one happens to be strapless (from a boutique in Cannes) so I’ve paired it with a black and grey cardigan over the top (thrifted). The clompy boots (Clarks) completes the outfit. You can of course switch the top for a green one but I don’t have that particular shade and red is always my number one. Add a gnome if you so choose (I don’t have one to accessorise with but a gnome brooch would be great)



One thought on “Amelie outfit

  1. How I adore this combination. A very sweet looking dress with a pair of cool boots. Nice! The gnome brooch is on your birthday wish list? 😉

    X Geertje

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