What to wear to a Spring wedding?

In May I went to a friend’s wedding and not being a regular wedding guest, wasn’t sure what to wear. It was also the first secular wedding I’ve been to so I could wear whatever I wanted which is the green light for me to go non traditional. I settled on one of my repro vintage dresses, the first one I ever got, the May Day dress from Hell Bunny via Topvintage. I had already altered the halterneck to straps but on trying it on that morning, the straps were still too big. I spent a hectic half an hour sewing and panicking, the result being that the straps still didn’t fit and the back was still a bit low for my liking once I’d finished. By that point I would wear a cardigan to disguise it but it was a bit hot for that. So I threw on my trusty kimono (a bargain for 10 euros in a vintage market in Rotterdam) and belted it in with my new belt I got from Vinted.


Customised with a rose at the venue



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