Monochrome madness

Monochrome is always in fashion these days, Scandi chic is cool, simple and basic and it’s the obvious choice for people to dress and go. I see many fashion bloggers wear neutrals many to most days and some have admitted to being addicted to black and grey, all day everyday. I get that it’s effortless and everything but…I don’t like it. It’s too basic. I find it very dull and coming from a set of countries that barely get any sun all year round, you’d think those Vikings would want to cheer up their wardrobes a bit.

I can’t deny that it is useful at times and a lot of nice clothes come in these colours so while I find block monochrome boring, I relent by wearing them in prints and patterns to make it more interesting. I’ve come to find that in this form, I’m fairly fond of the colour scheme.

I enclose a snapshot of those such scoundrels living in my wardrobe below.



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