And it was all yellow

Yellow is a love or hate colour. For me, it’s a love as it’s my second favourite colour, something people find hard to believe. It has such a reputation for being a difficult colour that most people shy away from but I maintain there is a shade for everyone. A good portion of my wardrobe is devoted to various shades of yellow and because it’s not a common colour in the shops, whenever I see something I like in yellow and can afford it, it’s got to be mine.

Now that it’s summer, fashion dictates a preference for white shirts, tops and t-shirts but I’m a constant klutz and white doesn’t stay white for longer than 5 minutes on me (thanks to my high rate of ketchup consumption) so my answer is to replace white with yellow for a fresh alternative. It works well in just a hint (yellow socks or tie) or jazzing up traditional office wear (yellow shirt or top with your standard grey trousers)

My yellow habit doesn’t stop in the summer though, it’s a year round thing. There is nothing like a bold colour to brighten up those dreaded winter days. Give me ALL of the yellow jumpers (I only have two and that’s not enough).

I enclose a snapshot of most of my jostling yellow items.



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