A spot of sewing

I confess that I love cutting things up and sewing random stuff on things. This time I did something silly. I cut up a perfectly good dress of my mum’s to make a skirt. I say perfectly good, the top was shredding but the dress did fit me and I was a fool to do it. However, that didn’t work and I was left with a ruined piece of material. I wish I’d left the damn thing alone but it was too late by then. I ended up using the last bit of material to sew patches of back pocket onto my Siobhan Collectif jeans. Those jeans also had an overhaul, being too long for me but of course I calculated wrongly and the roll ups that were supposed to happen, didn’t. Because I cut off too much. CURSES! So I sewed up the hems and when that looked raggedy, cut off and used the sleeves of a turquoise sequinned cardigan that nobody wanted. Literally nobody. I tried to sell it or swap and but nobody would have it. Its final destiny was to be sewn as cuffs onto my now shortened jeans. It took most of the day but it is finally done.


Ruined material, sewing kit and Harry Potter on hand for a break


The finished pockets


3 thoughts on “A spot of sewing

    1. I actually don’t have a machine but I’d like to learn so I could repair stuff myself. I sew everything by hand


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