Summer dress dupe

I’ve been after a blue polka dot Summer dress for a while and thought that the latest offering from H&M would be the answer. Upon trying it on, not one size fitted me which gave me sadface. It was almost everything that I wanted in a dress but it was not to be. Despairing, I […]

Dear old Queenie

Queen Elizabeth’s┬ástyle stakes have been raised very high since the beginning. Although she favours a classic style (and admittedly frumpy hairstyle) and wears the same kind of thing every time, she still manages to make a style statement with her bold shades and matchy matchy-ness. Brooches and brights and hats, oh my! (Excerpt taken from […]

What’s in my bag

The blogging world has done this post for years so I suppose I’ll do it too. I’m almost always late to a trend (unless it’s wearing burgundy lipstick with yellow which J.Lo’s stylist stole from me or just yellow in general which I did long before everyone else). This is my bag and what’s in […]

More stuff

I feel like I did fairly well this year but recently I fell off my pedestal on my holiday and picked up some new things just before it: These cute kitty socks from Camden were asking to come home with me. So I obliged. Oh so predictable me got this stunner at a stall. Floral […]

Hyper Japan time

Today my day involved Hyper Japan as it tends to do twice a year. While there are lots of the same stalls, there are also lots of new things and I always end up spending tonnes of money on delightful accessories and sweet treats. As always, thinking up an outfit is essential and this one […]

Recent haul

So recently I went to Bordeaux. I told myself I wouldn’t do much shopping as I only had half a day free anyway and should do some cultural stuff. Well I did some cultural stuff. That didn’t take up as much as time as it should. I had plenty of time to do whatever afterwards […]

What to pack for a brief holiday

This week I’ll be easyjetting off to Bordeaux for another wedding. This will be a very quick job involving travelling 2 days of the trip with the wedding sandwiched in between so my luggage has to be very light. I’ve put together what I’ll be wearing while I’m there. Not included are the obvious underwear, […]