New sews

I finally started some new projects but some of them just didn’t work due to the materials so after a couple of months, this is what I ended up with: Some more t-shirts because like I need anymore. But how can I resist this kitschy Dutch windmill scene, or this burnt orange, or this floral […]

Swap stuff

Last month I started going out to swaps again and lo behold, new things happened: Once again I’m late to the party. The underwear as outerwear trend has passed me by and if you’ve seen my Bridget Jones underwear you’d know that sexy is the least of my concerns. But this lingerie style kimono would be […]

NYE outfit

I can’t believe it has taken this long to get my laptop but finally I have it. I have been trying to post this for over a month now. Keeping it short and sweet, here is what I wore for new years eve. Like the year before, I wore something comfortable. I recycled this outfit of […]

My love affair with vintage

I’ve always loved vintage inspired attire. The old Hollywood stars looked glamorous and beautiful and I wanted to be like them. I’d see the occasional pictures of women from decades past and wanted to know their secrets. Now it’s a mainstream style and a bit of a cliche but there has always something magical about […]

Nothing as of yet

For a further series of unfortunate events I’m still stuck without a laptop and have run out of posts that I prepared earlier. I can’t post anything more without pictures so it’ll be a while yet until I next post. For now I’m finally getting round to thinking about sewing, ruthlessly decluttering, thinking of doing […]

Teddy girl style

Time and time again,the 50s crops up as the most worn and loved of all the vintage references to wear. I think it’s because there are a few styles to choose from, unlike in the other previous decades. This is when youth sub culture started and teenagers as well know it started to be called […]

Even more lipstick wardrobe

I always have more lipsticks on my wishlist. So of course I’ve added to my original list (having ruthlessly decluttered ones I don’t wear much anymore). I took advantage of the recent Colour Pop deal and got a couple of newer ones: Pinks L – R: Colourpop in more better and Wednesday, Revlon Ultra HD […]