Wedding fever

This Summer is full of wedding fever. For once, I’m not wearing my usual combination as the most recent wedding was very special. This outfit will be repeated in a similar way for the next one but this one warranted a brand new dressy dress. How stunning is this teal dress? (from Little Mistress). The silver cardigan […]

Socks, socks everywhere

Just like tights, I adore socks. Give me fun socks for my birthday and I’m happy. Seriously, one of my favourite birthday presents was the biggest jar of olives in olive history and 3 pairs of animal socks. I was so happy. I promise I’m not a relation of Dobby. I just love socks. Here […]

Shopping haul

Recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree. A lot of a shopping spree. Blame payday, I always get a bit over excited. Anyway, I went proper shopping and I can’t say I regret it too much. Sometimes a bit of filthy consumerism soothes the soul. With that, I also had to alter […]

The best of the eras

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love taking inspiration from previous eras. Here are ways to wear a little bit of retro: 20s/30s This one I find a bit difficult to wear for the everyday so I go with kimono sleeves, t-bar heels and fashion turbans. 40s   For me the glamour of the 40s is the […]


The spoils of my recent swappage: Surprise surprise, something grey and sparkly. How can I resist? I don’t. These checked pull on jegging type trousers look short but that’s because I hemmed them to 3/4 length. I am that short. It’s orange, it has sleeve detail, what more could I want? This novelty piece drew […]

Little My outfit

So I love the Moomins. I know a lot of people find them weird but I have the whole boxset and too many Moomin mugs and I don’t care. Of course my favourite character is Little My. She’s my snarky side and fully encapsulates the phrase ‘small yet mighty.’ I’m tiny. I hope that I’m […]

Saturday outfit

Last Saturday I went swapping, the spoils of which I will show in another post as I have to alter half of the stash first. After 8 days of non stop uniform I really wanted to wear something colourful, preferably a dress. I immediately dug out this orange dress (Peacock) and some fun tights (rose and […]