Teddy girl style

Time and time again,the 50s crops up as the most worn and loved of all the vintage references to wear. I think it’s because there are a few styles to choose from, unlike in the other previous decades. This is when youth sub culture started and teenagers as well know it started to be called […]

Even more lipstick wardrobe

I always have more lipsticks on my wishlist. So of course I’ve added to my original list (having ruthlessly decluttered ones I don’t wear much anymore). I took advantage of the recent Colour Pop deal and got a couple of newer ones: Pinks L – R: Colourpop in more better and Wednesday, Revlon Ultra HD […]

An update

At the moment I’m without a laptop after a series of unfortunate events with my old one and my new one so for now I’ll be posting some scheduled posts and will hopefully get back to normal in a few weeks. My second foot surgery has gone well and I’m gearing up for another year in […]

In defence of kawaii

As someone who is attracted to kawaii things in moderation, I can tell you that I find kawaii items whimsical and it gives me a little bit of magic into my life. For example, I am not attracted to the mint green plastic hair bow clips but I understand why someone would be. I love practical […]

Colourway: yellow & blue

One of my favourite colourways is yellow and blue. It just makes sense. You can wear every shade imaginable together and it’ll always look good. Here are some of the ways I combine it in an outfit: Mustard and navy is a winning combination. I like to wear these otherwise serious colours in cutesy patterns. Pale […]

Christmas sparkle

I never really get anything new for Christmas as I don’t celebrate but we do have a family lunch and in place of a Christmas jumper (which none of us actually wear) I like to wear something sparkly. Recently I accompanied friends to Westfield shopping centre and came back with some unintentional sparkly things. All […]

Black Friday

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything in the Black Friday weekend. Of course I failed in that mission but I like to think that I didn’t go crazy. I did have a day out that day (the first one since the operation) and ended up in New Look where after some internal struggle ended up […]