Socks, socks everywhere

Just like tights, I adore socks. Give me fun socks for my birthday and I’m happy. Seriously, one of my favourite birthday presents was the biggest jar of olives in olive history and 3 pairs of animal socks. I was so happy. I promise I’m not a relation of Dobby. I just love socks. Here […]

Shopping haul

Recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree. A lot of a shopping spree. Blame payday, I always get a bit over excited. Anyway, I went proper shopping and I can’t say I regret it too much. Sometimes a bit of filthy consumerism soothes the soul. With that, I also had to alter […]

The best of the eras

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love taking inspiration from previous eras. Here are ways to wear a little bit of retro: 20s/30s This one I find a bit difficult to wear for the everyday so I go with kimono sleeves, t-bar heels and fashion turbans. 40s   For me the glamour of the 40s is the […]


The spoils of my recent swappage: Surprise surprise, something grey and sparkly. How can I resist? I don’t. These checked pull on jegging type trousers look short but that’s because I hemmed them to 3/4 length. I am that short. It’s orange, it has sleeve detail, what more could I want? This novelty piece drew […]

Little My outfit

So I love the Moomins. I know a lot of people find them weird but I have the whole boxset and too many Moomin mugs and I don’t care. Of course my favourite character is Little My. She’s my snarky side and fully encapsulates the phrase ‘small yet mighty.’ I’m tiny. I hope that I’m […]

Saturday outfit

Last Saturday I went swapping, the spoils of which I will show in another post as I have to alter half of the stash first. After 8 days of non stop uniform I really wanted to wear something colourful, preferably a dress. I immediately dug out this orange dress (Peacock) and some fun tights (rose and […]

Recent favourites

Some of my recent favourite things (hopped on the rose gold bandwagon way after everyone else as per usual): I debated over these for a while (New Look) but as I had cleared out my jewellery box and was left with 2 pairs of earrings, I thought something new would be nice. These rose gold […]